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Organic Panic

You may or may not have noticed that only some of our ingredients are organic. There is a strong case for why that is. The cost of your meal and myths regarding the healthiness of USDA certified organic. With inflation here, you might be picking more conventional items off the grocery shelf these days. This may have lead to you wondering how important eating organic is, but over the years it has become a blanket word with a lot of complexity. Learn from the Mayo Clinic's study on organic farming here. Twist your brain around the comparison of organic vs. conventional with this Scientific American article.

At Mood, we've always been transparent about carrying some organic ingredients and some conventional. It's just a realistic approach to food in today's economy. Rather than looking for the USDA organic stamp, we are far more interested in the source and their methods. Going local whenever possible and knowing how our ingredients are produced is a far more reliable way to healthful eating.

Photo by Brad on Unsplash


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