Our Story

Down to Earth, Delicious NUTRITIOUS Food for Your Well Being.

Mood'wiches brings to you the only healthy sandwich joint in the area. We only use the utmost in pure, responsibly sourced, and simply prepared ingredients. From chemical-free cold-cuts to free-range poultry and grass-fed beef, nothing is factory made, because we believe that pure unadulterated food heals, beautifies and energizes. Good food = Good mood.

In 2007 we opened our first location Mood Food (formerly known as Tast Eatery), followed shortly after by Mood'wiches in 2013. It is the only truly healthy sandwich compared to the area's traditional delis and bagel stores, chain restaurants and new fad food places. Our ingredients are simply prepared, all natural, full of nutrients and nice to our planet:


  • Meats are free of chemicals or preservatives

  • Gluten Free bread and meal alternatives

  • 100% pasture raised red meat (no grain ever, grass fed only)

  • Free range poultry and eggs (not factory farm raised).

  • Free range turkey roasted like it's Thanksgiving!

  • Sustainably sourced, eco-friendly

  • No added junk, no heavy sauces.


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