We provide convenient options for balanced meals that truly are nutritious, delicious and good for the environment. We believe in taking responsibility by having respect for what we eat, where it comes from and those who toiled to cultivate it. We hope that you would join us in being green, not just by recycling, but also by eating in such a way that heals the planet.

What do places mean when they say they use "fresh and the finest ingredients" anyway? To us, the source of the ingredient is more important than the label -- the person running the farm, not the corporation with the USDA label. We will not mislead you with advertising gimmicks. if we say made in-house, it's made without the junk!


Our breads come from artisanal bakeries where the bread is hand made the old fashioned way without ingredients like shoe polish or any other junk that does not belong in your food.


We do not scoop prepackaged mixes from a pail and add fresh fruit and market it as "Freshly Baked" or 'Baked on Premises"

We start from scratch and leave out ingredients that do not belong. We use unbromated flour!


We bake organic rolled oats with some local honey, a touch of brown sugar and toss it with dried cranberries, raisins and nuts. Pair them with some Greek yogurt and honey or sliced banana with our in house almond milk for a good start to the day.


Our beef comes from humane farms where animals graze and the land is respected. It's better than organic beef. Rethink red meat, lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than skinless chicken breast. It's heart healthy.


Our chickens are free range and are NOT vegetarians. They eat all sorts of bugs and worms just like nature intended them to. No hormones or antibiotics and supplemented with feed free of animal byproducts.


We procure free range eggs direct from an Amish Farm which means less cholesterol than a conventional egg. Please don't waste the yolk, it's full of nutrients.


Wild salmon is actually seasonal, generally available May through September. We use sustainably raised salmon during the off season or if the wild salmon market price is too high.


Did you know that "fresh" shrimp is usually treated with preservatives? We source wild shrimp that is never treated.


We use locally sourced artisanal cheeses made by small families of cheesemakers.


Black Gold! Rich Soil! Our produce comes from farms full of life! All sorts of beneficial insects that support a healthy ecosystem.
Ladybugs are used to fend off veggie eating insects and a praying Mantis might voluntarily show up to help out in a farm that does not use much pesticide. It's not uncommon to find these guys hitch a ride in our produce when they arrive. That's how we know our produce isn't treated with pesticide!


We use organic non-GMO tofu.


Most of our dressings are made in house with no fillers or additives. No junk added. Dressings. such as our sesame ginger and sherry dressing. have a short shelf life so we will run out of it frequently. Due to the expense of our homemade dressings, we do need to charge for extra.


Quinoa was important to the diet of pre-Columbian Andean civilizations over 4,000 years ago. Modern society is just realizing its benefits today. High in protein and calcium, it is easy to digest. We source our organic quinoa from areas still farmed from thousands of years ago.


Grown in upstate NY, we cook our brown rice in a vegetable stock so that you get more nutritional benefits than from eating just plain brown rice giving it it's reddish color. Our rice is a meal in itself.

No Chinese takeout food coloring here.


A legume cultivated during ancient times in the Middle East, is still eaten today for all its health benefits. In house, we make our hummus using organic chick peas as well as for our salad toppings.

Nothing from a can!


We soak almonds every night to rid of the toxic film found on the seeds and legumes and just prior to it sprouting we rinse and press it for all its nutrients.


We use milk with no hormones and no antibiotics.


We don't like to feel guilty about the coffee we drink, so we use organic fair trade beans that are custom blended for us using a blend of South American beans.