SANDWICHES FOR ALL TYPES: Try the Wanna be Virgin or Infinity and Beyond! You'll have to read the menu to understand ;)
ENERGIZING GRAIN BOWLS: Quinoa bowls, Omelettes with Pasture Raised eggs - Try the Re-New Omelette Bowl and Ketofy it!
POSITIVELY MOOD BOOSTING SALADS: Try Feelin Blue, Feelin Hungover or The Brain Booster Salad!
PURE ORGANIC FRUIT AND ALMOND BASED SMOOTHIES: no added fillers, syrups or junk. Try the Berry Energizer!
ALL NATURAL BAKED GOODS with conventional, gluten free, sugar free and paleo options. GF Lemon Bars too good to be true!

Food is Mood

Mood'wiches offers delicious sandwiches, salads, quinoa bowls, smoothies, and cold pressed juices, packed with vitamins and minerals to help you look and feel good.


What good is it to eat organic greens if it's on processed meats? Organic processed meats (or any organic food products) are still processed. So we at Mood'wiches don't just eat organic, WE EAT SMART. Store-bought fresh baked bread is often still full of junk--Our bagels and mood-buns are made the old-fashioned way by fermentation resulting in a bread that is easier to digest.


Your "all-natural" branded foods could have virtually no health benefits. When we say our food is all-natural, we mean it is nutrient dense FUEL FOR YOUR BODY that will ENERGIZE YOU the way food was meant to.